Ryan WalkerA husband, father, and son, Ryan Walker, 26 years of age was in Gulf Shores Alabama on May 25th, 2015 at a church beach trip. On his first day in the water Ryan had a seizure while enjoying the Gulf with his family. He was found face down UN responsive. Rushed to the hospital and placed in intensive care, Ryan was being kept in a coma to clear up the infection in his lungs caused by the Gulf’s salt waters. By the Grace of God, each time they had brought him out of the coma to check his progress; he was responsive to the doctor’s requests. Sadly, though, on June 1st, 2015, Ryan went to be with his heavenly Father.

Ryan and his wife Kimmie have three children, ages 5, 3, and 1 while just recently finding out that number 4 is on the way. In the fall of 2015 all found out that the 4th child will be a girl. He was a devoted husband and father. He was a man of tremendous faith and devoted to the calling of God on his life and his precious family.

The annual WalkERrun4K will each year hold this celebration of Ryan’s life with the goal of raising money to help with the future education needs of his and Kimmie’s children. This education fund was set up immediately following Ryan’s passing with this in mind. Ryan would have certainly completed and fulfilled all of these educational needs should he have been here during those elementary, high school and college years. Ryan’s family, the Walkers, the Lewis’s, Kimmie and the children attend Family Church in West Monroe, Louisiana. They have been an inspiration to many and will for years to come.


Joshua WalkerMy name is Joshua Walker and I take my job as an older brother very seriously.  Im always ready to help around the house with chores or any other tasks that need to be done.  I love to do schoolwork or anything that has to do with learning something new.  I like to climb trees & my goal is to climb trees as high as my uncle Chris.  My favorite food is jambalaya with corn totillas.  My favorite color is blue & my favorite number is 5.  Something else I really enjoy doing is to play my guitar and sing.  Mama has lots of videos of me having church with my brothers.





Jacob WalkerMy name is Jacob Walker, and I’m four years old.  I love to follow my older brother around and I’m always willing to try anything Joshua does.  I’m always up for the challenge of a wrestling match with my brothers.  One of my favorite things to do is go to the park and swing.  My favorite color is blue and my favorite food is broccoli.  I like to collect things like cool looking rocks and acorns, or just anything that I come across that looks interesting.  I also like to catch frogs, and I would keep those too but mama always says I have to let them go.





Ethan WalkerMy name is Ethan Walker, I am two years old and full of energy.  I like to wave and say “hey” to everyone I see and if they say hi back, I usually get shy and silly.  I also love to smile and give out free hugs.  I always want to know how everything works, especially machines and things with moving parts or buttons.  I like wearing shoes, but especially boots.  I like my blankie with the silk edge and I like to rub the silk just like my daddy did when he was a little boy.







My name is Elizabeth June.  I finally got to meet my family January 3rd, 2016. They were all so anxious to hold me in their arms.  Mommy says my middle name is extra special because my daddy’s birthday was in June. My favorite place to be is snuggled up in her arms. I love my brothers so very much. They may be loud and messy but they take good care of me. I love being their baby sister.